Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Optimism Before The Fall....

Dating is hard these days, just ask any single person, well obviously they're single or else they wouldn't be dating would they? Der.  Every now and then you meet someone that sparks an interest but most of the time, if you have standards, a potential new love is few and far between.  

I am hopeless at picking men.  I am great at picking the wrong one, but I suck at picking right ones.  I have the characteristics of my ideal partner in my head (and framed in my room, a suggestion by another smart friend as it aided in her finding her fiance) but when it comes to the men I usually go for, they rarely possess these characteristics.  Clearly old habits are hard to break.

Recently, very recently, a dear, smart, wise and devilishly sexy (did you like the flattery there) friend took it upon herself to play matchmaker.  My friend and The Man both live in Darwin, I live in Toowoomba, so her matchmaking efforts are ambitious to say the least.  However, after a week of daily texting (all very modern) with the victim lovely man, I am pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of my friends fix up.  The Man and I share similar interests, even down to obsessive cleanliness and interior design (he's not gay, just stating before anyone makes that comment), we are both family orientated, of European heritage and look forward to traveling with a partner in the future. More importantly, he is polite, remembers things I have said and is inquisitive about me and my life.  I am usually attracted to men who have a little bit of arrogance about them, but as time goes by this arrogance usually ends up just being selfish wanker tendencies.  The men usually end up being more like overgrown boys, more concerned with beer and their mates rather than being a gentleman and actually growing up.  Immaturity and selfishness to me is a turnoff, makes me want to shout 'grow up!'.

Whilst physical distance can be hard on a relationship once it gets going, I think there is something to be said for assisting one to grow during the early stages of getting to know each other.  The distance ensures no one gets sidetracked by the possibility of nakedness and conversation to find out what makes the other person who the are becomes the primary focus.  I have found out more about The Man in 5 short days than what I have in many short term relationships in the past.  Nakedness puts a hold on a further exploration of the real person, suddenly time together is distracted by physical closeness rather than working on an emotional closeness.

Fingers crossed I haven't jinxed myself now and the getting to know each continues.

Take care,

Angelina x