Saturday, 11 June 2011

Don't be a hater....I love country music

My friends Let me correct that, some of my friends, no more like most of my friends, that's better, pay me out about listening to country music.  But I really enjoy it. Like REALLY enjoy country music.  I 'crank it' at every opportunity, in my car, when in the shower, cleaning my room, basically singing along loudly for anyone who will listen, or more likely, be unfortunate to have such noise bestowed upon their fragile eardrums (the inverted commas for crank it are for the name of a song written by my mate Mick Lindsay, and available for purchase on iTunes for a bargain $1.69, that plug should earn me a hug when he gets back from Nashville).

Why do I like country music? I hear you ask ever so politely.  Well, let me tell you.  If you really listen to the lyrics of a country song, the content is innocent and unoffensive.  To you that may not be a biggen but I'm sick of listening to mainstream 'smack ma bitch up' type songs and I don't need to see any more skimpily clad women grinding up against some dude in a vain attempt to dance.  Do you hear me? Now with that in mind, how can you not like listening to music about the good things in life, like love and fried chicken.  For the fried chicken reference see Zac Brown Band's song Chicken Fried, i'm not going crazy.  I love that song for its lyrics, catchy tune, and banjo. And you heard correctly, banjo.  A subtle twang never hurt anyone.

Secondly, the men are hot.   A superficial reason I know, but hello, country music has given us Keith Urban, Tim McGraw & Brad Paisley, need I say more!  Eye candy and easy listening tunes, ahhhh bliss.  Now picture fitting jeans, open necked checkered shirt and boots.  Have you got the mental outline?  Nice huh? I think yes.

Now I challenge you to You Tube some Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Brand and Garth Brooks, just a few to get you started and enjoy the music.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at the awesomeness and next time I go to the pub to listen to my mate Mick, you'll join me and LOVE IT!

Signing off.
From a proud country music lova,
Angelina x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Red lipstick, no?

So I was testing out red lipstick (I've always wanted to know if it suited me) and I SMS'd this pic to my Mum. Her reply, "you look like a hooker, take it off". Guess that answers my question huh?