Thursday, 21 June 2012

Finding your passion

So I'm watching Julie & Julia, I've always wanted to watch this movie both for the story line & the fact that I love Amy Adams as an actress, but it's got me thinking & reflecting on my life (never a good thing might I add).  How do we find that one thing we are truly passionate about?  Both Julie & Julia loved cooking.  Their love & deep desire for food & cooking enriched & transformed their lives into something greater. 

There are many things I enjoy at the moment; coffee, cafe & wine culture, writing, interior decorating (if only I had a house).  Out of all those things I enjoy, the coffee, cafe & wine culture is the one I so wish I had the courage to turn into something more than a whimsical notion & hope for the future.  I admire anyone who has the self-belief & fearlessness to take a leap of faith toward making their dreams a reality. 

I think your true passions become evident when you spend time on your own.  There is something to be said for prolonged periods of singledom.  Whilst more often I find myself getting lonely & envious of the closeness couples share, I am grateful for being able to grow on my own & to accept the person I am.  It is much easier when you're young to be the person you think others will accept, but growing into the real you & not caring what others think of you is truly a gift.  

Understanding yourself & knowing what makes you happy leads you to the passions which guide & fulfill your life.  I know that may sound a bit cheesy & after-school special like, but that's what I believe. 

Anyway, back to the Julie & Julia thing.  Allowing yourself to embrace something that makes you unbelievably happy takes courage.  I hope that one day I find the courage within myself to turn my coffee & wine passion into a successful business.  The biggest obstacle I face is myself.  Finding that extra bit of confidence to take the leap of faith in my abilities is what I am going to work on.  

At least there is one thing I am sure about.  When I find that person that makes me happy, I know I am content within myself just the way I am & that the person won't complete me, but rather compliment me. 

Good luck on your journey to find your passion, let me know how it goes.

Take care,
Angelina xx