Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Internet Dating.

Friends, I have something embarrassing to admit.  I joined eHarmony a couple of days ago.  My Mum keeps seeing the advertisements on TV and each time suggests I give it a go. She's at the age where she wants grandchildren so I see where she's coming from since I'm taking my sweet arse time finding The One.  

I've always given into the stigma surrounding internet dating, I thought it was weird and would be embarrassed to explain to people how I met someone should it ever happen.  I have friends that have tried the internet dating thing, it's worked for some, not for others.  I understand that for some people who have a busy work life, or single parents who are unable to go out due to their family circumstance, it would be a relatively easy and welcomed avenue to meet a partner.  

For me, boy was it an eye opener and I haven't even physically met anyone yet!  I figured potential matches would be just like me. Normal. Not all of them screamed crazy, but most of them came across a bit iffy from their profile.  Desperate is not the correct descriptive, but it was clear they had come out of a long relationship and basically were looking for a replacement girlfriend asap.  

Also, is it shallow to disregard matches due to the fact that you simply couldn't be physically attracted to them?  Attraction to me, is a large part of a successful long term relationship, and unfortunately none of these matches from either appearance or what they wrote sparked an iota of interest.   

Basically, I've given it four days and I'm canceling my subscription.  I'd prefer to meet someone the old fashioned way, drunk at a pub.  I'm hilarious when I've a bit of dutch courage in me.  Now I just need to get off the couch and actually go out once in a while.  Meh, maybe I'll stalk someone I fancy, that's also worked for a couple of friends!

A wise new friend suggested I write down all the traits and characteristics I would like The One to possess and keep it handy, it worked for her and she's now engaged.  Today's task, start that list, may need to go get ink for the printer, it could be a long one!

Angelina x

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